My new sounds:

Am I packing right or……?

Acting like it was okay for a cop to shoot Mike Brown because he may or may not have stolen a pack of cigarillos is the equivalent of acting like it’s okay to rape a person because they were intoxicated

Aiptek DV 5700. Used this old guy to shoot my first (crappy) YouTube videos.
It should be illegal to release a product marketed as a camcorder with such shitty video quality


Two Baltimore students practicing Beatboxing.

My niggas

Last Day at Work parting gifts

Selling these two lovely interfaces.
M-Audio Fast Track Pro & Akai EIE Pro.
Perfect for any of you budding producers, engineers, singers, rappers, or anybody who wants to record and/or work with high quality audio.

Big brother, the genius, doing his thing live.
Much love to @lineuproomstudio & @nirobaits had a killer set (at Shockwave Records)

"These people that have thousands and thousands of people that love them are the most lonely people"
— Dan Brown in Please Subscribe
"It becomes more about the game of YouTubing other than the art of making something creative and cool"
— Dan Brown in Please Subscribe