Lowkey missing highschool and the haughtest girl in school @2haught

New baby

it’s easier to run outside into isolated darkness and be sad


but the real question is has nemo found himself



i don’t want to be another casualty of society…

back when anarchy meant something….

Wolfpack Suitemate’s parents just brought through a Microkorg.
You know what kind of fun I’m having

My new sounds:

Am I packing right or……?

Acting like it was okay for a cop to shoot Mike Brown because he may or may not have stolen a pack of cigarillos is the equivalent of acting like it’s okay to rape a person because they were intoxicated

Aiptek DV 5700. Used this old guy to shoot my first (crappy) YouTube videos.
It should be illegal to release a product marketed as a camcorder with such shitty video quality